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Who doesn't dream of strolling through the flea markets of Paris or Provence on a Sunday afternoon? It's time to live out your shopping fantasies as an insider. Work on on one with Claudia to plan your personal itinerary through the flea markets of Paris, Provence and everywhere in between.


Our aim is to show you where your dream stash is, in abundance! Whether it's vintage jewelry, clothing, art, architectural elements, doors, lighting, furniture or mirrors, all you have to do is say the word. When we shop, the focus is only on you, your passions and finding just what you're looking for to sell, repurpose, create and get inspired.

Claudia will take you to her favorite spots and help with everything from introductions to negotiations to get you the lowest possible prices.

(We NEVER take a commission or kickback from dealers or vendors.) Our goal is to pass as much information to you as possible so you'll know the ropes next time you go. We're at your service to make sure your purchases arrive home safe and sound. 

Best of all, you'll come back with a wealth of knowledge that you'll have forever.

Whether you have a brick and mortar store, are decorating a home or just want to understand the labyrinth, you're sure to find one-of-a-kind heirlooms and have the time of your life.

Together we'll organize your trip to the markets, antique shows, auctions, local brocantes, fairs and warehouses that only dealers know. 

Side trips during the week take us to the fabric district, antique books, maps and ephemeral, vintage clothing & accessories stores as well asand ribbon and wholesale trims. Whatever your interest, we'll make sure you find just what you're looking for. 

Many events in Paris are impromptu. You never know what surprises will come up, but they always do!

Ask about trips to London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Tuscany. Contact us for more information and to create a custom itinerary.

Rates vary depending on your requirements such as ground transportation and additional activities. Email for prices and availability. Full days run from 9am-5pm. Half days are 4 hours. If you're interested in visiting the flea markets it's best to arrive on a Thursday and depart on a Tuesday so you have the entire weekend to cover as much ground as possible. Your trip will include:

•  Ground Transportation to and from markets

•  Introduction to shippers

•  Introduction to vendors

•  Dealers' trade pricing

•  Expert knowledge of design and appraisal

•  Assistance with negotiations

•  Door to door shipping services

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"Our trip this fall has been on my bucket list for quite awhile. I cannot thank Claudia Strasser at “The Paris Apartment” enough for making it a perfect weekend. From start to finish she was so professional but also so much fun! In 2 1/2 days we covered so much ground and still had time to stop for some fabulous lunches. Claudia arranged for everything including a trip to the Paris “Home Depot” so we could make a box to get our treasures home. I cannot wait for the next adventure with Claudia at “The Paris Apartment”

Jen Hinman of Horse & Home in NY, USA
November 2018

"From the moment I arrived in Paris Claudia made me feel special. This trip is more than shopping vintage markets, it brings likeminded creative, thrill of the hunt seekers to share ideas and knowledge. Truly a life changing adventure."

Stacey Rhodes
San Mateo, CA

"I highly recommend exploring the Paris flea markets and brocantes with Claudia, it is an enchanting trip! Our small group were shown new places to explore every day, and not a day went by that we all found something treasured, whether it be a small trinket, art, or some uniquely “french” collectable. Everyone came from different backgrounds but we all enjoyed the company of those who love to treasure-hunt. Claudia, I often think of that trip with you and vow I will go again!"

Jocelyn Borys
Los Angeles, CA



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