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A little about us

Hi! I'm Claudia Strasser, founder of The Paris Apartment. I'm thrilled to be celebrating our 25th year in business and want to thank you for making it possible. Many of you have seen the transformation since the first boutique opened in New York in 1993. You may remember the store's contrast to the grungy neighborhood where French boudoir furniture spilled out onto the gritty sidewalk. Repairing and restoring the treasures cast aside from the Paris fleamarkets, I discovered the joy of working with my hands as well my head. The style resonated with many of you and together  we found a passion for history and the magic in what can be uncovered both archaeologically and anthropologically at flea markets all over the world. 

The store inspired a book, and 'The Paris Apartment, Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget' a playful guide to honing in on your personal style. 'Paris Flea Market Style' includes tips, history and pics of my favorite flea markets in Paris.

Shopping and sourcing the markets of France has taken a lifetime to master. I love to share my knowledge with those who sell, create and collect; those who appreciate linens, art, and the history that's alive and thriving at the markets. Our aim has always been to offer romantic pieces of the past that will become heirlooms as we enjoy them and pass them along to the next generation. If you're passionate about flea marketing, learning the ins and outs and meeting dealers off the beaten path, contact me to schedule a private shopping trip where I'll show you my secret spots whether you're working on a home or to fill your store. 

 If you'd  just like to chat, that's fine too, call me anytime!


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