Custom Tours to
Paris & Beyond  

Do you dream of  visiting a Paris in a fresh new way? 

For over 20 years, we've been showing our clients a side of Paris that few ever experience. Come with Claudia for a once in a lifetime trip to places off the tourist trap map. Together we'll plan your personal itinerary through Paris, Provence and everywhere in between.  

Contact us about our upcoming trips including our First Timers trip in May 2020 , Chateaux Trip in June 2020, and  Second Timers Trip in August 2020 and Le Tour Décor in September 2020.

Claudia will also work one-on-one for private excursions throughout the year whether you're decorating an apartment, furnishing a home, hotel or supplying a store. She will share where the bargains are all over the city!


On  Le Tour Décor, our aim is to show you where your dream stash is, in abundance! Whether it's vintage jewelry, clothing, art, architectural elements, doors, lighting, furniture or mirrors, we'll take you to it. When we shop, the focus is only on you, your passions and finding just what you're looking for to sell, repurpose, create or just get inspired.

Claudia will take you to her favorite spots and help with everything from introductions to negotiations to get you the lowest possible prices.

(We NEVER take a commission or kickback from dealers or vendors.) Our goal is to pass as much information to you as possible so you'll know the ropes next time you go. We're at your service to make sure your purchases arrive home safe and sound.

Best of all, you'll come back with a wealth of knowledge that you'll have forever.

Together we'll customize your trip to the flea markets, auctions, local brocantes, antique fairs and warehouses all over beautiful France. You'll discover fabric houses, barns full of doors, architectural elements, chandeliers and mantlepieces. It's a truly extraordinary experience being surrounded by these objects that are so alive and such a part of history. The good news is that there's plenty to go around.

We can't buy it all but we can show you where it's stashed!

Contact Claudia for more information and to create a custom itinerary at

Rates vary depending on your requirements such as ground transportation and additional activities. Full days run from approximately 9am-5pm. Half days are 4 hours. If you're interested in visiting the flea markets it's best to arrive on a Thursday and depart on a Tuesday so you have the entire weekend to cover as much ground as possible. Your trip will include:

•  Ground Transportation to and from markets

•  Introduction to shippers

•  Introduction to vendors

•  Dealers' trade pricing

•  Expert knowledge of design and appraisal

•  Assistance with negotiations

•  Door to door shipping services

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They have speedy internet connections, free phone calls, impeccable accommodations, elbow room and lots of charm!

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Reviews from our Clients

 Paris has so much to offer and one could live a lifetime here and not see it all. I am incredibly thankful to Claudia @theparisapartment for taking us to many places we NEVER would hve visited (especially the first time in France). Places right under our noses in the Marais. Places that you walk by and would never know what is hiding. Private residences turned museums. These are the true gems. 

We have visited the usual places and I am thrilled to have done so...BUT this, was a once in a lifetime experience. So much to share and so much more to see. Our friends in Paris are priceless. I am forever grateful. 

Jennifer C. L

It is hard to find words to express how I feel about the wonderful Paris Adventure my family and I just took. From beginning to end it was a remarkable experience. We were removed from everyday life into a world of past history, culture and beauty. Your impeccable planning made it all possible. Everyone on this team was very kind and helpful. Claudia and Mimi were like family. Their personalities added to the trip in their own way. So much fun. Thank you Jean for working on our airline tickets for our return trip home. I don’t know what you did, but we were upgraded to Comfort Plus and what a difference it made. I know you spent many hours getting those seats. I would recommend your Team to any of my friends. Your contacts took us to places we could have never gone on our own. The Hotel (5 Star in my book), excursions, lunches, dinners, guides, cooking with Veronique in her lovely Paris apartment, there is nothing I would take off the itinerary. If any of you are ever in Southern California, you have a place to stay. My home is open to all of you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from my daughters, granddaughters and myself. 
Tres Sincerement
- Karen V.

Dear Claudia,
I am reliving the most wonderful trip ever and I want you to know how grateful I am to you and your excellent team for putting together a superb trip. We never could have experienced Paris like that without your expert planning. We had such a wonderful time and loved that you and Mimi gave so much of your time with us. It all was a dream come true. Jean, Jack & Mary Beth were so efficient and thorough with great patience and kindness. Claudia and Mimi, so much fun and took excellent care of getting 12 people to every planned event. We loved everything we did. Nothing was a disappointment. Thank you for everything that you did for us. We will have this wonderful memory forever. We love you all dearly.
- Sharon V.

 I highly recommend exploring the Paris flea markets and brocantes with Claudia, it is an enchanting trip! Our small group were shown new places to explore every day, and not a day went by that we all found something treasured, whether it be a small trinket, art, or some uniquely “french” collectable. Everyone came from different backgrounds but we all enjoyed the company of those who love to treasure-hunt. Claudia, I often think of that trip with you and vow I will go again!
- Jocelyn B.



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